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About The Knowledge Loom:


Choose one of the links below to read an article about The Knowledge Loom and its related projects. More articles are added regularly.

Learning with The Knowledge Loom (December 2003)
Read about why The Knowledge Loom Web site was created, and find out how the site and its companion Guidebook are being used by educators around the country.

Collaborating Online, in Person, in Practice (August 2004)
Learn about the Adolescent Literacy Collaboratory, a year-long professional development initiative that uses The Knowledge Loom's Adolescent Literacy spotlight to help teachers improve their content area teaching.

Adolescent Literacy: A Team Approach (March 2005)
Discover how a ninth grade teacher participating in the Adolescent Literacy Collaboratory used strategies from The Knowledge Loom and feedback from colleagues to develop a literacy-rich lesson on science abstracts.