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  1. For best results, select a "Theme" from the first pull-down menu.
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  3. The keyword search is useful if you are looking for a specific school, document, person, or content area that cuts across the themes listed in the first pull-down menu.




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Note: The Knowledge Loom database is still GROWING. For best results, search first by "Theme" and review the returns above before refining your search. As more content is added, the "Refine Your Search" feature will become more robust.

Keyword Search
  • Searches keywords field or full text of each content document on The Knowledge Loom.
  • Keyword searches can find things like a school, district, or document by it's exact name or a part of its name. For example: Woodrow Wils will return all documents about the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.
  • Word strings are automatically searched as complete phrases. For example, using the two words professional development as the keyword returns all documents that contain both words in that order.
  • To search several word strings at the same time, use commas between them. For example, professional development, math. This will return only documents that contain the two words professional development appearing in that order and also the word math.
If you wish to search the full text, select (this takes more time):

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If you have strings of keywords separated by commas, you can select:

  • Selecting AND returns only documents that contain all the keywords.
  • Selecting OR returns all documents that contain any of the keywords.